Know your apps

The abundance of mobile apps may mean redundancy. Appcestry helps you study the relations between apps.

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Appcestry, a portmanteau of “app” and “ancestry”, is a tool for extracting features from Android APKs for similarity detection. So far, Appcestry supports Android apps and 1-to-1 comparison. AppGene is a file in JSON format containing the features of an APK and may be ingested into other tools for analysis.

Two simple steps

Measure app similarities in two steps:

  • Step 1: Convert Android apps (APK files) to AppGene files »
  • Step 2: Compare the AppGene files »

Licences and Credits

Appcestry is an open source project started by Jason CHAO for his Master's dissertation. Appcestry, excluding the linked libraries, is released under MIT licence.

Appcestry is mainly dependent on open source projects of Apktool under Apache Licnece 2.0; ANother Tool for Language Recognition under BSD licence; ImageHash under BSD 2-clause licence; SciKit-Learn under BSD licence; NumPy under BSD-new licence; PIL under PIL license; Dask under BSD 3-clause licence; RQ under BSD licence; Flask under BSD licence; Flat-Remix under GNU GPL v3.0; Drawings by mcmurryjulie under CC0; Image by Japanexperterna under CC-BY-SA; and other software packages not listed here for brevity.

Convert Android Apps (APKs) to AppGenes

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Compare AppGenes

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